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:30 p.m. bay area attacked companies are being called in to help fix the obama web site. >> it is just one of the problems so far with obama care. >> another example-- thousands of people say their health care coverage is getting canceled. all this as the president's approval rating falls. our political analyst with john us in a moment. but first grant lotus is here with more on what the white house hopes is a solution. >> the president is not messing around. he has hired engineers from three of the biggest and best attack companies in the world to help fix the obama care web site. >> bay area based oracle and google are joined by red hat--which is headquartered in north carolina. >> this comes after computer problems have been preventing people from signing up for government mandated health care insurance. >> even worse new concerns that the web site lacks of the security needed to protect the sensitive information of people looking for insurance. the obamas administration says the website will be running smoothly by the end of november. >> thousands of californians are
before. that's being dropped because of the obama care, and now costs -- >> those are policies that have caps at dwlr 400 or $5,000. no preexisting conditions, charge women higher premiums, and is simply not fair. it's not america. >> and, governor, what's really misleading, what she's talking about are swiss cheese insurance policies. they don't insure. they have high deductibles, they've got high copayments, they don't cover a lot of -- >> in california -- >> lifetime caps. >> usual and customary, so they just refuse to pay? >> let's talk about the deductibles with obama care is $8,000. >> when you need health care, it's not there to insure you. what the affordable care act does is that it provides comprehensive coverage, so if you need care, you're not going to be left in the -- >> if you have a policy in california, you are likely to have a $4 thounz deductible for an individual. that's higher than the policy with the person who had the $97 premiumer her deductible is higher. 65 when you go see a specialist. yes you have caps and lifetime limits, yes, women may pay less, but men pay
is being restored upon miss tavenner today. but let me say this, they are not against obama care. this is about the rollout, this is about the glitches, this is about a computer system that goes down every now and then. i would have hoped, as i said often before this rollout, that we would be emphasizing that 1-800 number, getting people to the telephones so they can talk to people, getting people into these community health centers out there that we have funded to have personal one-on-one conversations with people. and then let's add up the numbers after about five or six months. this is not unlike we had with medicare part d when we had these kinds of headlines that ran for about 90 days before they finally got it right after six months. and we'll get this right as well. >> all right. well, the pressure is on and it's just -- >> yes, it is. >> -- since october the 1st. we will keep watching. james clyburn, thanks so much. dr. cory herbert and lisa myers, thanks to all three of you. >>> today marks exactly one year since superstorm known as sandy made landfall along the east coa
. president obama's on the cover. being mocked for the nsa spy scandal. for 61 years, "mad" magazine. >> as you get older you realize that basically everybody has an agenda and everybody is lying to you. "mad" doesn't make up anything. we sort of look at what's going on in society and say, isn't this kind of weird or stupid or dumb? >> now longtime editor john facara tapped the usual zbang of idiots for inside mad. a book that highlights the magazine's far reaching influence into the people who create today's pop culture. >> i reached out and was overwhelmed by the amount of people who were -- very eager to write for the magazine. and tell about what it was like when they were reading it growing up and what it was like to see themselves parodied in the magazine. >> as art explained in this new yorker comic mad magazine was more important than pot and lsd in shaping the generation that protested the vietnam war. the message, everyone is lying to you. a radical one for a child to learn and even if you have never read an issue, you likely heard of those who have used "mad" as news. >> t
president obama's promise being broken to millions of americans today. so my bill simply does it allows those americans to have that promise kept for them so they can actually keep their health care plan as president obama promised. martha: senator johnson will promos the new amendment later this week. so there you are. i think back to kathleen sebelius when she was asked will you go on obamacare? she said, well no, i have employer insurance. that is the answer so many people across this country have had. the reassures that is people were given if you like your health care and you can keep it. if you have employer plan, you're in great shape, you don't have to worry about it. astuter points out more and more companies will way benefits, you know what? push everybody on to this other plan, let's face it. it is a headache and really expensive for our employees. >> not only will they have to buy enhanced benefits which is expensive. obamacare requires employers to pay a higher share of employee-sponsored plan. wait a minute. it makes no financial sense. we'll pay penalty. all of those empl
, that those people are being affected or impacted by the insurance companies, not obama care. here is what jay carney had to say. >> did the president mislead the american people when he made that comment repeatedly? >> no. the president was clear about a basic fact. if had you insurance you liked on an individual market and you wanted to keep that insurance through 2010, 2013, in perpetuity if you wanted to, you could. you were grandfathered in. what no -- health care reform could envision or could responsibly stipulate is that any plan that might come along in the next few years would be grandfathered in because that would undermine the basic premise of providing the minimum benefits for the american people. again, in all of these cases, what is absolutely true is that if you had a plan, before the affordable care act you like order the individual market, and your insurance company didn't take that away from you and offer you instead something else that you then purchased, but they provided thank you same plan this whole time, you can keep it. that's true. >> white house officials going on t
grilled today. one being the woman who oversaw the rollout of the eric website. for the first -- obama care website. for the first time, we heard someone apologize, but he she said they still don't have answers to one key question. >> marilyn tavenner said it had nothing to do with her failing to reveal enrollment figures. >> so what i can guarantee is we have a system that's working. we're going to improve the speed of that system. >> excuse me. >> yes. >> you're saying the system right now is working? >> i'm saying it's working. it's just not working at the speed that we want, and at the success rate that we wanted. >> having blamed the web sites flaws on delays by the main. >> jaymee: t. firm hired to build it, a canadian company called cgi, but in an apparent contra dix, she said me problems caught her off guard. >> the problems in the the first week, we attributed to volume. >> how about before october 1st. any sense at all there were going to be problems with the website? >> no, there are always going to be issues wait new website, what it would call the customary glitches that
-noser for a moment, for being positive about the impacts of obama care. you know, he ought to be careful about who he is calling a suck-up. this is the same broadcaster who did a fair share of sucking up in a pickup truck when he rode around with former president george w. bush for a softball interview in crawford, texas. >> when i saw you, you were -- my perception was, you were totally, completely at peace. >> yeah. >> your job was done. and you seem even more at peace now. >> i am at peace. and i was honored to serve the country. i gave it my all. i have written a book that chronicles the decisions i made. and i feel -- i'm not desperate to try to shape a legacy, because i fully understand that there needs to be time for history to be able to analyze -- for historians to be able to analyze the decisions i've made. and, you know, i have -- i'm content. i'm a content guy. >> how about that? a one-on-one with the president of the united states. sean hannity, in the truck with w. never asked him about the rollout of medicare part d. i bet edward r. merle would really be excited about that one, wouldn'
horse software. >> reporter: the reports are attempted to divert the allegations being leveled against washington. >> president obama is putting his support same-sex marriage equality in hawai'i. 4,000 people turned out to testify and in tha the final vos expect to pass same-sex marriage. >> meteorologist: it will be a nice fall-like afternoon. temperatures rising just slightly above average in spots. we have chilly readings across the plains and upper midwest. that's where readings are in the 30's. the front is now sitting offshore. temperatures two to 15 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago, and we'll continue to see that colder air pushing southward across our region as we get into the day on sunday. now for today we're expecting temperatures to stay cool around the great lakes. that's where we have a secondary front moving in. it's a few scattered light rain showers. these are some of the scenes you'll be greeted with. lots of reds, oranges around the area. it could be a nice afternoon and could dodge a slight sprinkle or two, but right along the front as it continues to move in. with
like but are being killed by obama care. even senate democrat mary landrieu appears to be putting a similar bill together. now, back with us to talk about all this, bob, dr. scott and ovki roy. can i just talk about, ovik, i think this was your story. the 93 million uninsured. in other words, let me get this right. for the viewers and myself. the same strictures that app applied, the same mandates that applied to individual are going to apply to the employer financed or backed insurance and they're not going to measure up. people are going to be out of luck in a year. >> it's not necessarily that they're going to be uninsured if this happens. right? their old plans will be canceled and replaced with new plans that might be more expensive, have higher deductibles, narrower networks and all the things we were talking about in the last segment. >> will those new plans come from obama care? will they push into obama care? will they come from private exchanges? will they come from medicaid? >> the bulk of them will be issued by the same types of private insurers who offered the plans b
impact of obama care on economics? how does the health care legislation play into that? >> everything is anectodal. it's got to be. employment growth is weak. i've got to believe a lot of that is the uncertainty surrounding obama care. i believe the shift toward part-time workers has something to do with obama care also. >> this whole dysfunctional government has been an issue, savita. do you think there's any chance of a grand bargain in the next month or so? these fights begin again in january. >> it's like the same movie over and over again. i'm optimistic about washington. i think what we've seen is the polls are suggesting that the american public is sick of kind of brinkmanship and these political cams that are styming growth. we're seeing more of the same play out over and over again. i think politicians have to be aware of this at this point and start to come together. the guy who is look like heros are the guys on either side of the aisle saying let's cooperate instead of moving further away from each other. >> go ahead, bob. >> one good thing we have o going for us is the co
. >> reporter: it's an unexpected reality of obama care being told through ant thatna antidotes and media. cbs news has confirmed with insurance companies across the country that more than 2 million people are getting notices they no longer can keep their existing plan. in california 279,000. in michigan 140,000. florida, 300,000. and in new jersey 800,000. and those numbers are certain to go even higher. some companies tell us they've sent letters, but they won't tell us how many. >> what we're seeing now is the reality. coming into play. >> reporter: industry experts like larry levitt of the kaiser family foundation say the insurance companies have no choice. obama care forces them to drop many of their plans that don't meet the law's ten minimum standards, including maternity care, emergency visits mental health treatment and even pediatric dental care. that means consumers have to sign on to new plans even if they don't want or need the more generous coverage. industry experts say about half of the people getting these letters will pay more. half will pay less tha
get obama care. >> so this notion that people are being turned away is preposterous. >> they'll be able to get another plan, won't they? >> actually, it's the law that they must get another plan. >> sebelius is here today, larry and president obama in boston charged that insurance companies are dropping people from their rolls because insuring them under the scriptures of obama care, providing more coverage would cut into insurance company profits. larry, back to you. >> steve handelsman, thanks very much for that coverage. joining me now to react to everything we just heard health policy expert betsy mccoy. she's the author of the book "beating obama care" and we welcome back dr. bill grace, founder of gray's oncology at new york medical college. betsy mccoy, is it true? if your policy is canceled, are you going to stay on another policy or is it more complicated than that? >> you're required to have coverage under this law, the affordable care act, but what's happened is millions of americans who were promised that they could keep the plans they liked are being herded out o
and they destroyed him as human being saying he was a horrible, filthy capitalist and yesterday, barack obama is going to massachusetts saying he's a role model. which is it? >> the other thing they did during the campaign is said mitt romney was responsible, attacking the health plan he put in place and accused him of being a hypocrite about that. i think the fact is, the massachusetts plan is a plan that worked. it is a model for our plan. we can talk about it later today. so, the president is latching himself on to that plan. i guess you are not happy he's doing that. >> no, he can. either mitt romney is a horrible human being or a role model for america, which is it? >> the health plan is a role model. >> there's really no answer. >> what is more embarrassing to you, how it rolled out or how they are troubleshooting the rollout? >> first of all, it's troubling the. it will be troubling on all accounts. steve said this, it won't matter six months from now. does it help americans? if like medicare part "d," medicare, social security, americans find on balance their helped by obama care, the
. >> the obama administration expects the numbers for october to be, quote, relatively low. >> molly, thanks very much. >>> the big apple is ramping up security ahead of the new york city marathon. that's tomorrow. in addition to screening the runners and supporters, nearly every inch of the 26.2 mile route is being monitored. bomb-sniffing dogs are patrolling the streets and the helicopters overhead are keeping watch. the new york city marathon is coming just months after the deadly bombings near the finish line of the boston marathon. >>> it has been just over one month since the launch of the health care website many americans across the country cannot enroll now. new documents show the white house knew there would be problems. our panel next on obamacare and the fallout. also, growing fallout from the information leaked by edward snowden. what he is now asking dpor -- asking for as washington tries to rebuild some relationships. >> it is vital when it comes to america safe and keeping our european allies safe. as i said earlier, the tensions that have been caused by these disclosures are ones
it be a replay of george w. bush never being able to recover from the be backel of katrina? >> president obama has been seen up until maybe this year into his presidency as someone who is detail oriented, cerebral, speaks in paragraphs as a college professor would. and now, as i said earlier, he's become the i don't know leader. and as president bush with katrina, he was the decider. and then what happens? then we had that shot that the white house released from the helicopter of him sitting in a cushy chair looking down on katrina, seeing the millions of people who no longer have homes. and then he said something about the head of the emergency management agency. heck of a job, you're doing a heck of a job, brownie. when it was a complete disaster. moefts moments like this in presidencies can define the second term. >> i want to pick up about the partisans on both sides. let's take a look. these are not just people on the left or the right. let's take a look at what ed schultz had to say on msnbc. >> i think that network reporters throughout the entire industry may be caught in a dilemma that
in the program but a grave concern that obama care is going to end up being a mere expansion of another entitlement program. the question is was that the plan all along? we bring back our studio audience. david webb, you were just telling me that during the break. >> choice is the issue here. what they've done with obama care is remove choice from the market. the market is americans. in the same "washington post" article projects budget forecasters that 9 million people will sign up for medicaid in 2014. only an expected 7 million shoppers would purchase private insurance plans. it's the choice that's been removed. what's happened is americans are making a choice. they say we're going to choose medicaid, which is going to cost the american people more. so the net net in the economy, whether you substance dyed obama care, is that you are taking money out of the system and redistributing to another one. and choice is gone, sean. >> 700 billion. >> are we surprised that choice is removed? i mean, this is what obama wanted all the time. government-mandated health care. the reason why people
and earlier nsa said the country's president barack obama had no idea that merkel's phone was being tapped. and media have reported that obama was informed about the phone monitoring in 2010 and the union delegations expect to be member of congress to express its concerns over the u.s. spying program. in washington they are not happy so let's talk about that joining us on skype in a college in london. this is a bit of bluster and won't change and knew it was happening anyway. >> the government official claims to be shocked, shocked that they are running a gambling casino and taking kickbacks at the same time. there is no doubt about it european leaders are aware that the u.s. engages in this work. many european spy agencies work alongside the nsa, dch q in the uk for example and there is no doubt there is bluff and bluster that you refer to it as and a lot of posturing going on for public consumption. >>> it's merkel's phone and reaches right to the heart of government and is that intrusive that has everybody so cross about it. >> yeah, i think you are right. but to be quite honest with yo
and a grave concern that obama care will end up being a mere expansion of another entitlement program. the the question is was that the left's plan all along? we bring back our studio audience. david webb, you were saying that in the break. >> choice is the issue. they have removed choice from the market. the market is americans and the same washington post article projects budget forecasters that 9 million people will sane sign up for medicate in 2014. 7 million shoppers would purchase 3r50i69 insurance plans. what happened is americans are making a choice. they say we'll choose medicaid which will cost the american people more. the net-net in the economy where you subsidize obama care is that you are taking money out of the system and redistributing it into another one. choice is gone. >> 700 billion -- >> are we surprised that the choice is removed? this is what obama wanted all the time oh. government mandated health care. the reason people are signing up for medicaid that i'm going to trickle off from what david said is they can want get on a crashed website and people like free
frustrated with the obama care website, millions are being kicked off their current insurance plans. we'll have a new report that shows the white house knew this would happen all along. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see
massachusetts we'll get those people. >> that was the architect of obama care flat out admitting there is a problem on the horizon. the threat of the debt spiral. and said it will not happen. is he right about that. simon, thanks for being here. we'll check out what dr. emapual said. they have until the end of march and the administration needs 7 million people to sign up for the economics of this to work. he said it could be a couple of years, is he right? >> i think he is wrong. life insurance market that is a long time for mistakes and demographics to work out. with health care, they will pay the claims from day one. you get the insurance and you will pump it out. first quarter results and we start to see that that bad result. they will feel it immediately. sick people would sign up because it is a good deal. >> that is the death spiral that sounds terrifying. the death spiral is only the sick people have the incentative to wait through the glitches and sign up. and healthy people are not getting around to it. do we have an idea of who is signing up? >> no, i don't have any id
will and their right to explain their political opposition to their detention. and it's being under cut by defense department policy. what this new report does is spell out what the defense department during the bush administration and by subsequent measure the obama administration has on to under cut these men's right. the department of defense will argue that it has a legal obligation to safeguard these men's health and well-being. when it comes to the matter of forced feeding, we should know that is a term that president obama has used, that they have an obligation to make sure that nothing untoward has happened to these men while in u.s. custody. >> there are still a handful of men who are still using that. why is it over? were they able to achieve anything? where are we at? >> essentially once president obama said on may 23rd this having this hunger strike taking place is really bad for the u.s.' reputation give that it wants to stand for the respect of human rights, and it wants to stand for using the justice system to deal with wrongs against society, once the president acknowledged that th
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it but that was not true? >> president obama coming under withering fire because obama care is not what he said it would be. he knew he was lying? >> probably. probably. but that's one of those political lies, you know. >> tonight, we will analyze the stunning situation with charles krauthammer and james carville. >>> the duration were october launch site did not provide enough time for testing? >> kristen we are focused not on monday morning quarterbacking. >> jay carney has perhaps the toughest job in the u.s.a. defending obama care. bernie goldberg will tell us how he is doing. >> why can't they just opt out? if they don't want to say so help me god, they don't have to say that part. >> it's like you say why not just opt out of not robbing a bank. >> the caves in to antireligious zealots. crowley and colmes on that case. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi had, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is it all unraveling for president obama? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. things are getting very bad for the o
obama care's minimum standards. therefore, they're being cancelled. and you brought a very important question right at the beginning of the broadcast. what happens come the time the policies are gone and the individuals can't get onto the "obama care plan." while you have so many people qualify for medicaid and medicare, because there are requirements for that. the reality is, the regulatory regime put in place by the obama administration. and the parent president, what is he going to say -- he didn't know this, too? the time has come for a reality check. it is not simply computer glitches. it is a regulatory scheme that is penalizing the american people. this is a very, very damaging statement contained in the president's own administration guidelines, and i don't know how they explain their way out of it, megyn. >> so they said don't worry, we know some of these plans won't meet the requirements, not to worry, they will be grandfathered. but kathleen sebelius comes out and says they wouldn't be grandfathered if they are changed in any way, if you change the period, then the grandfa
to her bench. >>> major bombshells are revealed about the 2012 presidential election in the soon-to-be-released book "double down." it's the sequel to "game change." the biggest jaw dropper, a major switch was considered for president obama's 2012 ticket. authors mark halperin and john heilemann write that the president's inner circle secretly considered replacing vice president joe biden with then secretary of state hillary clinton on the ticket in the most recent election. they went so far as to get the opinion of focus groups, but in the end research showed there wasn't a big enough spike in support to justify that bold move. the vice president was not made aware of the deliberations. the authors also write president obama grew tired of bill clinton during a golf bonding outing, so much so they didn't even finish 18 holes. and another shocker. the authors say mitt romney nixed chris christie off of his ticket because of several unanswered questions including some about his medical history. >> halloween is over, but here are some trick and treats that arose from all hallow's eve. in
taken, positions they may have taken on the affordable care act, obama care, coming out and being a bit more forward leaning on saying we may need a delay on the penalty. this is going to be completely depend on what we have happen on the next couple of weeks, months, and how much pressure the white house feels from their own party. >> max baucus was the pioneer of the phrase train wreck, but twice in that statement, he used the word penalty. he better check with chief justice roberts because he said if it's a penalty instead of a tax, it's unconstitutional. they can't even get their semantics straight. >> the website is not going to be ready on november 30th. not going to be ready. this is being discussed among health insurance company ceos in meetings extending late into the early-morning hours. they understand it's not going to be ready. software experts understand it's not going to be ready. if it's ready, i will polish your shoes, every one of your pairs of shoes for the next year. >> i have a lot of shoes. >> fully functional. fully functional. >> all right. we've got some -- we'r
wonderful children and thank you very much casandra. brendan thank you for being here. it is important part how obama care works. >> a lot of parents want your kids to be doctor and income and desire and prestige and that made a doctor to be a popular and challenging career path. why are so many doctors quitting their practice? we'll ask group of physicians next. [ male announcer ] scope outlast gives you a long-lasting fresh breath feeling. so you have the courage to jump in... go in for the hug... or make sparks fly. for a fresh breath feeling that lasts up to 5x longer, get scope outlast. female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> medicare and medicaid are making it difficult for doctors to pay overhead. some are not accepting medicare or medicaid patients and some are giving up altogether before obama care. will the president's hea
confusion. a perfect storm of troubles continue to plague obama care its web site being worked on p by some of the best minds of technology shutting down saturday night and sunday night for expended repairs that will condition. >> i think they have to first of all get the web site right. the commitment is to have it right by the end of november. so that is the big test. the time for enrollment is six months and one month has gone by. so there a plenty of time. would i support it if necessary? dwre. yes. >> people have been getting notices of canceled policies even higher premiums. as for the web site many republicans are concerned about security for those signing up. >> no what was shocking to me even by their own words there was a high degree of risk when they were offering the web site to go public. the real threats when you have nations states, organized crime groups criminals trying to get information that is now available on the web site they need to take it down stabilize it. >> congressman rogers the chair of the house intelligence committee adds the repairs on this web site haare li
to the hospital and details of his injuries are not being released. >> at the obamas administration has recruited engineers from silicon valley. to help fix problems with its health- care web site. or caloracle and red hat are picking ed as well as michael dickerson, an engineer on leaving from google. >> larry ellison told shareholders today that his company is trying to make more reliable and secure. marin had and google declined to comment. the obamas administration has pledged the web site will be running smoothly by november 38th. >> at what snow been met thursday with a drummer lawmakers the can as a contractor turned up liquor has now been invited to testify before the german parliament on the angelo merkel phone tapping case. >> but it-as-8 is accused of mounting german chancellor angela merkels cell phone calls, for years now. snowden lick the information that led to that discovery he is still wanted in the u.s. for leaking classified documents. u.s. for leaking classified documents. >> the great american novel. u.s. for leaking classified documso you can happily let >>
of u.s. income than at any time since 1928. the people who are being hurt under the obama economy are young people, are hispanics, african-americans, single moms. those who are struggling to climb the economic ladder. those are the ones losing their health care. >> now, how is senator cruz who's getting his own health insurance from goldman sachs acting like a populist? i mean, how is this go to wash? >> it simply isn't going to fly. the people will see through it. he's saying that there are people who don't have health care and he starts crying. if those aren't crocodile tears, i don't know what are. this guy has no feeling for those people or he would have stopped his effort to destroy it and make it work. i talked to bill frist some months ago. he was a former leader of the republicans. he said, jim, we should stop trying to repeal it and fix it. make it work. but cruz has none of that in him at all. it's all crocodile tears. >> and there's this relentless attack of misinformation about the law by the right wing media. watch this. >> there's too much health insurance. it covers
pressure to keep quiet. the insurance executives are being told to keep quiet. the head of the strategy health care associates an outspoken critic of obama care said he's getting calls from executives who want him to speak out anderson for problems because they feel defenseless against the white house p.r. team. it's been told that the white house has exerted massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations to keep quiet. they fear white house. >> what exactly are they asked to keep quiet about? >> that clarifications were made to the affordable care october. and those clarifications are forcing the insurance agencies to drop the insurance plans. there's a lot of coverage required in the plans. that was not part of many people's private health care plans. those are the people, anderson, being dropped. despite all the rhetoric, i should say, from the president, you simply can't keep your health care plan if it does not mean the requirements. he said the insurance industry is embarrassed about canceling the plans in an interview, he told me that the administration was wa
withering fire because obama care is not what he said it would be. he knew he was lying? >> probably. probably. but that's one of those political lies, you know. >> tonight, we will analyze the stunning situation with charles krauthammer and james carville. >>> the duration were october launch site did not provide enough time for testing? >> kristen we are focused not on monday morning quarterbacking. >> jay carney has perhaps the toughest job in the u.s.a.
. thanks for being with us. up next, a troubling number about the issue of obama care and the application. we'll explain it when we get back. we'll turn it over to the studio audience for the remainder of the program. you will hear from more americans about cancelled plans, higher premiums and what it means for you and your family as this special edition of "hannity" continues. i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] havg a card harge youust get on the plane foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go vis my family, which means lot to me. ♪ we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the
here. because there was apparently, now being reported this extensive debate whether he should say that. policy advisors knew that wasn't going to happen. that these plans will have to change to meet the new minimum requirement of obama care including ones before march of 2010 which is where they're trying to draw this line now. those plans also have to -- bob job, what happens sneer are they going to have to post bone? you have a deadline where people don't get their health insurance by certain time they're going to fined. but of a website that they can't get on to get their health care. >> so the problem is there could have been -- there could be some delays in different ways to delay it but the problem with delay is that while it might help out those people who are desperate to get on to the obamacare program, the insurance companies don't want that because they want mechanism to force people to sign up. because of these risk pools. they need lots ever healthy people getting these risk pools to keep the prices down. you want some things to force people in if you elongate the period t
, you are critical of obama care because it didn't go far enough, which is like being critical of the exxon valdes because it didn't kill enough ducks. i don't understand, why do we have to demonize an industry that's made up of people with -- insurance industry, these are people that get up and go to work every day just like everybody else and they have an expertise and make very slim profit margins. these are not greedy people. >> i'm not going to defend the insurance companies, but a single pair is the stupidest thing you could ever, ever do. president obama would have loved to get single payer, a lot of liberals would have loved it but the support in the democratic caucus was not there. it's great if you're healthy, bob. if you're sick, it's a real problem because they mend out what you pay for certain services. you have unhappy doctors if you can find doctors. you have long lines because everybody enrolls -- can i finish? >> sure. >> you have long lines because everybody enrolls. the quality of care is dmv style health care. it is a terrible idea. >> this is down to one si
. there has been outrage over the sight. today it is back up and running after being taken offline overnight. engineers fixed the technical problems. democrats that backed the obama care initiative are calling the short comings unacceptable. >> i feel that they ought to take down the website until it was right. >> applications for affordable care are still ahead of sign up for president george w. bush's medicare act. president obama plans to make a stop in the pay area this month. he will visit san francisco for a national committee fundraiser. this will mark the fourth time this year that president obama visited the bay area and the 15th time he visited san francisco since taking office in 2009. still ahead, freeze tag is a popular playground game, but some parents are upset after the schools made it a policy that the kids freeze at resense. some of the bay areas brightest mind competed to make fuel efficient vehicles. >> at this time last night we were talking about very strong i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switch
that scott brown was elected. he ran on being the no vote that would stop obama care with. then harry reid changed the rules and said, i can pass a bill that will change one-sixth of the u.s. economy by deeming it passed as long as i have 51 votes i good. could you undo obama care with 51 votes if republicans got control of the senate? >> perhaps. this is the danger of the conference committees where things go together on a budget. they are talking about convening a conference committee to get to compromise. what comes out can be passed sometimes with 51% vote. it makes it easier. some of us objected to the budget going unless the democrats would agree not to raise the debt ceiling through 51%. >> mm-hmm. >> part of the reason for having super majorities required was to slow things down and have more debate and to make it more difficult for one party to run rough shod over the country. >> you have a democrat in the white house. president obama won't be signing that bill soon. let me ask you about something else that's been getting attention in the news. that's you're speaking out on what y
they are being affected because their plans don't compile with obama care. they can blame insurance but obama care is causing the cancellations. >> supporters say look, the plans these people have aren't great and too basic and a lot of these people will get better plans. flip side of that is it may end up costing them more if they don't qualify for subsides, these new plans cost them more. >> that's exactly right that is what the white house is trying to say in the pitch right now is that yes, there are millions of people out there disrupted in all of this but in the end, unlike the preobama care era where they might be out of luck, in the new obama care era, at least they can go online conceivably if the website is working, buy insurance and have coverage. yes, while the benefits may be better and while there might be more coverage, they will cost more and anderson, i talked to an insurance industry representative that said that sthounlt have come as a surprise but something they knew is coming because these high detuckble plans that a lot of americans had were not going to work in the obam
is saying they are sorry for the disastrous obama carolout. she testified before congress yesterday and apologized for the web site not working and promised it can and will be fixed. when grilled about people not being able to keep their current healthcare plan as promised by the president she was left speechless. >> the millions of americans attempted to use to shop and enroll in healthcare coverage i want to apologize to you the web site has not worked as well as it should. we will not have the numbers available. we will have the numbers available mid november. we will get the numbers in mid november. jim mccann, we will have those numbers in mid november. we will also have that information available mid november as well. >> refused to give exact numbers on how many people have successfully enrolled in obama so far. she said those numbers will be released, to rue mind you once again, mid november. >> while you were sleeping a blinding dust storm leads to a blinding dust storm. 19 vehicles including cars, trucks even a mobile home were caught up. >> car after car, tr
on the commercial market a requirement for being an obama car provider. they have removed alameda alliance for health from the exchange. they say it was initially included in the roster of available insurers because it was expected to get a commercial license by october 31. but "covered california" was notified that the state didn't approve the application. it's not clear how many people signed up with alameda alliance. but those who did will be contacted and asked to pick another insurer. >>> con artists are continuing to find new ways to carry out old scams. the irs is issuing a warning about scammers pretending to be irs agents. they are calling and telling people they owe back taxes and have to pay with a prepaid debit or credit cards saying scammers use fake names and irs badge numbers, may be able to reciter social security number and spoof the irs phone number to make it appear they are calling from the irs. it's just the latest scheme to get victims to purchase prepaid cards and reveal the numbers printed on the back. once you have handed over that code, the money is as good as go
obama offering his advice, the potentially millions of people being notified their being dropped from their current insurance plan. it's time now for our sunday grow. we have scott brown. juli pace, karl rove, and evan bayh. karl, we talked about this eat great length. how much trouble is obama care? ? >> in trouble. the president's job approval rating is now tied for the lowest of his term and his disapproval rating it at his highest and the law has gotten far mar unpopular and these problems are going to continue. let's put this in perspective, the individual market is being affected, but let's remember there is about 150 million people that get insurance through their employer. 90 million are unaffected. those are self funded plans governed by risa. so there is about 15 million in the individual market, so a total of about 75 million. the department of health and human services said 20 people would lose their coverage. other estimates are as high as nearly 50% of people. that is rolling out over the next year. >> all right, the new yorker had a classic cover. you can see president
of discussion also about the black electorate being loyal to president obama, snl had fun with that this weekend. >> it's been a difficult month for the president. the most recent gal up poll puts his approval rating and perhaps the most troubling number, his approval rating with black voters has dropped to a startling 93.6%. >> they go on to talk about things that would still leave black voters backing this president, even if he put christian on his dream team and that kind of stuff. it's funny, also great to see kerrie washington hosting on a show that had trouble hiring black women. a lot of issues aired out that night. they got the numbers a little wrong. speak to the fact when you compare this president's support among black voters, it's actually not different from where clinton was in the same point in his term in '97, both in the low 80s, 81% this week from gallup. and 85% from him recently. perry, is there a desire to jump to the idea of racial solid dart when it has to do with the long term relationship with the republican party? >> we're looking at 2016 or 2013, any election, african-a
. president obama has given repeated assurances about americans being able to keep current plans if they're happy with those plans under the affordable health care act and speeches going back as far as four years ago. listen. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under the reform proposals that we put forward. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep it. if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. we will keep promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan period. if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. if you've got health insurance you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. >> well, it hasn't really worked out like that not exactly anyway. joe johns joining us from washington. but like a lot of things,
a words, accountability, apology and one is inappropriate. the first official obama care apology came today. someone being accountable. here it is. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. i want to assure you that health can and will be fixed. >> that was the chief marilyn taverner. people are saying shouldn't someone else be saying apologies? >> this is such a washington game, right? spicer talks about, there is no accountability. nobody is taking responsibility. you saw the head of cms in that video take responsibility and apologize for it today. the president has acknowledged that there were problems. secretary sebelius has acknowledged there were problems. the washington game of parsing who is saying what when, i think irrelevant to what the situation is. there is a webb. it is helping thousands upon thousands of people get health care. it has some problems getting fixed and it will be a long term solution to the health care crisis in this country. >> that's the problem. >> there should be accountability and there is. and i'm be
are true. either president obama was being entirely dishonest to the american public when he made those repeated promises, those repeated guarantees, or he was totally disengaged from the process, did not have a clue what was in his own health care plan or did not understand the incredibly negative consequences of that health care plan. which brings me to my bill. the reason that president obama claims, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, is that within the health care bi bill, there actual ily is a grandfather clause. and the first two paragraphs of that grandfather clause actually would work. the problem is those first two paragraphs or sections are followed by an evisceration of the grandfather clause. so basic what will you have is you have a phony grandfather clause contained within the patient protection and affordable care act. well, my piece of legislation, the "if you like your health plan you can keep it act," actually is a real grandfather clause, and it uses president obama's exact language. so all my bill does is just simply strikes the phony grandfather cla
up a visual here. a chart of the so-called winners and losers under obama care and a loser is being described as someone who might have to buy a slightly more expensive plan but will also have more benefits to it. there's only 3% that come into that category. 80% the big section of it unaffected. largely people who will have employer plans preserved as is. there are 14% clear winners under this currently completely uninsured people who will gain access to health care they would not have had. there's a group of no real consequences at all about 3%. so this is the -- the 80% there is basically the group that the president was talking about when he was campaigning for this saying if you like your health insurance you can keep it. i want to you talk about the journalistic responsibilities in going into these stories and presenting these people as witnesses against the affordable care act. >> well, frankly, it's been pretty demoralizing to me to see these people who are basically innocent. there's a lady in winter haven, florida, trotted around by a lot of tv shows who is supposedly also
or not some of the people who are accused of being militants are militants or terrorists or would be terrorists is not at all clear to people. the second issue that president obama himself said there should be an immanent threat to the united states. i think there is a real question as to whether some of the people who are being killed through these drone strikes actually posed an immanent threat to the united states. >> how concerned should the u.s. be about international law? what kind of precedent does it set if the u.s. are doing these drone strikes. >> i think the u.s. and other countries should be concerned because the price of entry in the drone market, as it were, is not very high. many countries are going to be acquiring drone technologies and these will be increasingly used in cross-border situations. it is very critical that there be a better international understanding an agreement on what constitutes the right of a country to go across the border to protect itself. and what pressure can the international community put on those countries that harbor terrorism militants
opinion president obama should have known that for example, angela merkel, her phone was being tapped by the nsa. very typically with very sensitive intelligence operations, those operations are signed off by the most senior people in the country. the state leaders. so either obama knew about this or he didn't. and if he didn't, of course, then that means the question about his oversight of the nsa. >> and i think we're unlikely to find out when the two big american spy catchers go before congress, any more about that. let me ask you this one thing. does this mean america thinks it's more important when it comes to keeping its people safe or other countries around the world or are they just as protective of their data and just as likely as to be spying on other people as well? >> other countries have national self interest and it would be that element within their opportunities. they saw some extremely serious threats, threats from terrorism, rogue states, wars, proliferation, major organized crime. and they work extremely closely with other intelligence -- >> i'm going ohave to say n
insurance policies are being cancelled under obama care. in the past couple of months, blue shield of california 119,000 and kaiser permanente and hundred and 60,000. they applied to individual policies purchases the affordable care act was signed in 2010. consumer advocates say in some cases these were junk policies that did it cost much but didn't cover much either. under the new law, all plans will have to include at least in basic services such prescription drugs, mental health services and maternity care. we will be right back. and coming up our tech report with gate slate. and for the kron4 tech report with kate slate. >>: the morning. twitter just added a new feature that has a lot of users of sat to treat this woman just got in big trouble for wearing of google glass and amazon has alleged a great new program that makes it easy to give to charity. here's a look. twitter just added eight model preview. pictures and videos that people you follow will show up in your twitter feet as a visual preview. before you would have to click on the media like to see the picture are video
. brightest minds from top technology companies are being brought in to help fix the site. the obama administration is recruiting to help fix the exchange. they are arriving just in time here. the announcement came thursday after the site had been down for a day and a half. >> tech companies are joining the angry chorus denouncing n.s.a. spying. senators got a letter saying the business med dolls were threatened. the firm's leader favor a key part of the bill that would distance the industry from n.s.a. tactics, saying: >> for the first time an administration official is saying the n.s.a. overreached, john kerry speaking today admitted that the surveillance was out of bounds, saying: >> kerry said reports of n.s.a. spying on millions of americans are not true and praised the agency, claiming that it had prevented terrorist attacks. >> indonesian foreign minister said his country is deeply concerned about spying at embassies there. new reports say the consulates were used to collect electronic data. the foreign minister is asking the u.s. and australia to explain. >> the fact that we
, everybody. we asked and you answered, the question being should president obama have swapped out vice president biden for hillary clinton. no, biden has been the go to guy for dealing with the senate for the administration. no, although i love hillary, she will get her turn in 2016 and she will win. potus made the right call. hillary has plenty of career left. keep it coming on twitter and facebook. if it's friday, it's time to go and do, the spotlight on lives trying to improve others, at risk girls in new hampshire and new england, just how strong they are. for more than a decade girls at work has been putting power tools in their hand and teaching them woodworking skills. elaine, great to have you here. you're a general contractor by trade. explain how you got this idea to pass down a skill set like this to young girls. >> i think it sort of originated, i had taken a neighbor in many years ago. i needed to sign her up for summer camp. at the time as a struggling contractor, i couldn't afford the fee. so an exchange ended up i was offered a chance to teach working in a summer camp.
to the benefit of everybody if he is willing to take that step. obama said there should be a new election law and iraqi. what should that be? >> there is a dispute right now and primee kurds minister nouri al-maliki and people in parliament over whether he should have elections by in the visual province, with winner take all per province, or country wide. so if kurds have 19% countrywide, they will have 20% of the seats in parliament. that is a struggle. >> even if the prime minister invited more sunnis into the government, would that be taken seriously? >> i think so. the sunnis are split on whether to work with nouri al-maliki, joint out, or whether to extremist factions like al qaeda. the more he does and the more the parliament does and the more the shia and kurds due to bring in the sunni minority, what we have seen in the past is the more they will stand up against the terrorist. >> when you look at the enormous cost to the u.s., you know that better than anyone in terms of dollars, in terms of the region, in terms of u.s. lives, iraqi , is it similar to the 2003 invasion? >> i get this
are they being straight and honest with you from the obama administration? it is not too over the top. i shouldn't have to do this. i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide in a responsible way those who lived through benghazi to be interviewed separate and thea administration to find out what happened before during and after and i am so sad to say to the families this is the anniversary of the election, a year later the congress really doesn't know anything what happened in benghazi from those who lived through it. >> we are talking about someone like jay johnson, who is the president's nominee to be the new secretary of homeland security or as you can see janet yellen, the new chair of the federal reserve. big jump up. question: how long are you prepared to hold up their nominations and everyone else's, people who are going to be doing and need to do important work for the country? >> the only way this will work is if my republican colleagues get behind me and say to my democratic friend in the senate and the administration we support lindsay's request to be able to
motive. maybe he's trying to help christie. get it out ahead of time. >> in terms of the obama white house, they want to continue being vindictive and leaks, it's i would be happy. next time, bill clinton and president obama play golf, whichever each one -- whatever they each say when they -- >> i don't think there will be a next time. but there is also a 2016 manifestation to this. a democrat said something, hillary is probably going to run and if she does, the tension between the obama and clinton camps is still there, you know. president obama and secretary clinton have managed to become friends and have a good working relationship, but president obama and president clinton having this anecdote, i can take him in doses, that's not helpful, john. i can only speak to what i experienced with him and president clinton, and i know that obviously when they first got to the white house, you know, things could have been strained from the campaign but i saw them get along quite well and when they were working, you know, they consulted together on the speech he ga
why we defended these programs than having given them up and having our nation or our allies being attacked. >> reporter: the pressure on the obama administration over the secret programs continues to grow. one small bit of vindication. over the last week, outrage in france and spain after the reports say that nsa swept up millions of phone calls in those countries them nsa director confirmed the report in the "wall street journal" that it was actually french and spanish intelligence agencies that did the surveillance and passed it on to the nsa. >> we need to look at and make sure that we are not just gathering intelligence because we can but gathering it because we need it. >> the intelligence officials told congress yesterday allies spy on each other. it's part of the business. but the damage from these weeks has been done. john and diana. >> karen travers, thank you. >>> just across the potomac at arlington national cemetery there was a solemn ceremony. the eternal flame at kennedy's gravesite was reignited. new gas lines were installed. the anniversary of kennedy's assassinati
have to stop being, quote, the stupid party. you also say they have to stop being just aboutñrsys ei anti-obama. that is not enough. is that the problem with the g.o.p. here in washington? >> absolutely. i think you look at the dysfunction in washington, d.c., i think folks across the country -- republicans, independents, democrats -- are frustrated. we as a party can't just be a party of no. the only place you see conservative principles applied today are in state capitalsñr or local ther it'sts, u school choice, lowering the unemployment rate, growing the private sector, here in louisiana we're setting records for the number of people working. you're seeing that in 30 states across the country led by republican governors. we need to show voters conservative principles work. to see them working, you don't need to look farther than our state capitals. >> you have started something calledÑi america next to try to come up with an affirmatiwg conservative agenda for the nation's problems. given how poorly republicans did in the 2012 election, whether it was with hispanics or young peo
in 2012 promoting the fact that he modeled obama care after massachusetts health care plan. now massachusetts and vermont are talking about getting rid of the national health care system by creating their own single payer systems. at least it's being discussed. joining us now radio talk show host and columnist at the boston herald michael graham with an insider perspective. we have heard it in the massachusetts legislature as now senator jamie eldridge, a democrat, testified that he believes they should implement a universal medicare plan in massachusetts. that's single payer. that's what many people believe obama care would lead to on the federal level. what say you? >> well, it's funny. he's a great guy. he voted for romney care, supports obama care. then you do the math and he says all i wanted was single payer in the first place. that's what obama care supporters default to. they are watching the system collapse and the math doesn't work. in massachusetts we are the most expensive state in the country. want to be more expensive? be like us. it's 60 to 120 days for your first
by bob franken in d.c.. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> let's talk about some of the poll numbers. president obama's approval ratings now at an all-time low. so what do you think the biggest reasons are for this and what needs to happen for his numbers to stop falling? >> i think what needs to happen is that his signature policy achievement of his administration, that is to say b obama care, rights itself. i think this is a reaction to his roller coaster ride in the polls. it was probably much higher, in fact i know it was much hire after he put the republicans in their place in the recent budget negotiations. but he's had a real up and down second term and now i think he's on a downward roll. >> another interesting finding from the poll, 63% of those polled want to replace their own member of congress, that's the highest percentage ever recorded. so do you think that means that we'll see a lot of turnover in 2014? >> well, it could mean that if it was sustained. i think however that people are sort of helping incumbents, particularly republicans are helped when obama care
people. thank you, "saturday night live," for being honest. you've got something here that is real. i thought it was a very funny impression. >> if you take the line that president obama repeated, which is if you like your health care plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep it. when that turns out for most people to be not true, do you think that -- does that undermine the entire law or do you think they can turn this around? they say it will be working by november 30th. >> that's just one of the things that aren't true about the obama care law. the most important to me was they promised it was going to be $890 billion. it's now up to $1.8 trillion. if this continues, if people, a, can't sign up, or, b, don't want to sign up because it's too expensive, we're seeing that. young people say it's just cheaper for me to take this tax. think about that for a second. if that continues at this pace, it could be a $3 trillion or $4 trillion expense to the american people. he said you can keep your interest. they lied about so many things. to get this thing passed. from top to bottom. they
that president obama was not aware chancellor merkel's communications were being collected since 2002. that is a big problem." she also says she wasn't briefed either and is calling for a total review of all intelligence programs. others are being no less blunt and the white house is in deep damage control mode right now. our chief national security reporter and jim acosta is joining us now. jim, first to you, a tough statement from the chairman, dianne feinstein. what is the white house reaction? >> the white house reaction in part, wolf, is that the senator is correct that the president did not know about this foreign surveillance program aimed at world leaders. but they are taking issue, wolf, with one thing that the senator did say in that statement and that these collection activities aimed at foreign leaders will not continue. i talked to a senior administration official earlier this evening who says that part of the statement is inaccurate. they are being changed on that basis. and in large part these policies and programs are continuing for the time being while all of this is
else to run. the administration is finally being forced to answer tough questions about the disastrous obama care rollout. tonight, we're going to be joined by a very outspoken studio audience, and they will ask about the explosive testimony on capitol hill and much more. >> let the grilling begin. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> the officials responsible for the disastrous obama care rollout face the music on capitol hill. >> you're saying the system right now is working? >> i'm saying it is working. it is just not working at the speed that we want. >> it was all one big lie. >> if you like your plan and you like your doctor you wouldn't have to do a thing. >> a new report proves that the administration knew that millions of americans would lose their insurance all along. >> you keep your plan, you keep your doctor. >> and our week-long series on the missed obama care warning signs continues. >> no matter how you look at this, health care costs are going to increase. >> so what do people really know about obama care? >> think affo
rescued a fellow surfer bringing her to shore after she went unconscious after being hit by a wave. >>> the obama administration got before even launched. -- the information the obama administration got before even launched. >>> the white house reportedly was warned about the problems with its national health care website one month before it was launched. cnn is reporting the main contractor for reported a number of outstanding issues and warned there wasn't enough time for adequate testing. meantime the chief of medicare was on capitol hill today to testify about the troubles people are having with the site. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. >> she said it will be fixed. republicans are not satisfied. they say some americans are seeing their insurance cancelled because it doesn't mean the laws requirement. >>> the san francisco city attorney says it's considering an appeal of yesterday's multi million dollars jury verdict in an age di
manufacturers. it may be arriving in some form. a team of computer experts is being brought in to help the obama administration determine whether there is of fakes, the health care website. they are learning the government dozens of their top computer engineers copra hours, and site developers. secretary sebelius has promised a new option only functioning system by the end of november. joining us now, senator john barrasso of wyoming, republican policy committee chairman and a member of the senate foreign relations committee for. he also spent 24 years as an orthopedic surgeon. great to have you with this. he declared sebelius to be the laughingstock of the nation. what does that make the president? >> well, when saturday night live calls attention to the failure of the website lost credibility. he is trying to convince, and ties all of these and people. lou: we're also of the state exchanges are working. what do we do now. rodrigo? we have a president in boston yesterday basically trying to rationalize the more than three years of lying about the fact that we could keep your plan, rationalizing
that president obama has been briefed on the situation, not a surprise, lax being a huge international hub and the threat and fear of terrorism. we have no idea what this was all about, what the motivation was here or really what happened to the suspect or the shooter himself, if he is in custody, killed, shot, wounded, we're still waiting on that information but the president and the white house did release this statement saying the president has been briefed about the shooting at lax. we'll continue to stay in touch with our federal and local partners. the lapd is leading the response and investigation. we urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first responders on site. the president will continue to receive briefings throughout the day. while the lapd may be leading this investigation at the moment this is a multiagency effort -- >> that's knbc's coverage, shots fired at terminal three at los angeles international airport. the terminal serves airtran, alaska, horizon, jetblue, and virg virgin australia. the incident is apparently over and that a shoote
argues the shutdown prevented people from warning people how bad it would be. that's the republicans' fault? >> we have dramatic re search on another issue with obama care. that's the swelling metd kad rules as states show a huge surge in medicaid applications. we pulled numbers from the nonpartisan congressional budget office. they say obama care will add 9 million people to the medicaid rolls in the first year costing $21 billion more than we would have spent. by 2023, it will include 13 million more people at a cost of nearly $100 billion more than we would be spending on medicare without it. look at the numbers of the people signing up so far. we talked about it the other day. here are examples. in maryland so far, 96% of folk who is signed up have been on medicaid. in oregon, 100% have been medicaid. washington state, 85% medicaid. kentucky, 80%. all the people signing onto state exchanges are signing up for medicaid, not the exchanges. the part that's supposed to fund everything. >> the administration pointed to the states if they are not enrolling in the exchanges, medicaid un
. they are correct to say that there were problems in the early days. we expected that there would be, but we went straight forward and said we will find them, fix them, make the system work, and we did. we will find out in the next few weeks whether the obama administration succeeds at the same thing. we will know in march with are not -- how history will judge obamacare. lou: how do you judge obamacare, right now the relationship of government to all of the insurance companies that are now inextricably depended upon and related to a government program, and it looks as though there is significant model problems. by that i mean, as you know, the vast majority, the vast majority of enrollees are going into medicaid creating tremendous burdens for state government as well as the federal. very few people and arguably so few that it will threaten the idea that young people will be paying the way for all the people under obamacare. >> we have known from the beginning that there were some technical flaws and ideologic misdirectionn the obamacare bill. i think it is playing out a way that many thought it
president obama likes their health insurance are not in the more important, democratic unity is being shattered. and he now says that obamacare is like come to dougie. of course, we remember you could not be put back together. lou: it will be interesting and destructive as the senator said got to see whetherr not they make that determination or frighteningly go to the extent that you suggest in your opening remark, that is, create a horrible bureaucracy that destroys a very good health care system and makes whether the problems are with our current system even worse. how do you tnk that -- have you think this concludes? where will we be? the republicans now want to talk about budgets and deficits rather than dealing with the fact that one year from this month we will have an election thatill answer a lot of the questions on policy in the country's direction. >> the flaws and obamacare are becoming evident. the republicans have not put enough investment in proposing a clear alternative that will actually help people lives. for example, medicaid is going to be horrible medicine for the
a touch of disney magic. for special offers, visit >> a montana official is being blasted for controversial statements made about president obama. in an email sent from a county-issued account, max lenington used derogatory words when discussing mister obama's re-election. >> "one day my dear sister emailed me and asked me 'what do you think max? why did we lose?' and that was my response to her." >> "he can say those hateful things from his rocking chair on his front porch but he can't say them from the county court house, the symbol of justice in our community. we won't accept it." >> thompson is calling for a resignation. local officials haven't said if lenington's actions were a violation of county policies. new details tonight on a tragic fall yesterday at the races. hall of fame jockey john velasquez underwent surgery today to remove his spleen after his horse, secret compass, fell during the running of the two million dollar breeders cup competition. in the fall secret compas broke her leg and had to be euthanized on the track. coming up. a man inches away from a fa
and her team are working to fix the site, as you heard, you are left with questions about obama care. and here to answer them is sandy metcalf from consumer reports. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> some are saying you have to buy a new policy, and it might cover more but it's more expensive. are these people be asked to buy the policy and things they don't need? >> the reason they are being cancelled they are not adequate to the new rules of the law, and the thing that is not adequate is they don't cover everything they need to be covered and the policies may not have prescription drug coverage or doctor visits, and the new policies that are being sold have to offer that stuff. >> they offer protections on not being covered for preconditions. >> yeah. >> when you hear these stories like men being asked to buy maternity coverage, for example, it's a great headline. >> right. >> can you talk about the idea of individual versus group insurance with risks? >> the whole idea of insurance is that you pool the risk of all kind of health care you need, from maternity to hospi
that the white house suggested it 0 would be. president obama has repea( reassured frustrated consumers that they could easily bypass crash after crash on by enrolling in other ways. >> in the meantime, you can apply for coverage over the phone, or by mail, or in person. >> reporter: he said enrolling over the phone is easy and quick. once you get on the phone with a trained representative, it usually takes about 25 minutes for an individual to apply for coverage, about 45 >> reporter: internal obama administration memosç obtained exclusively by abc news from republican congressional investigators show that applications over the phone have the very same problem as those on the website. why? they use the same computer system. determine eligibility no matter how the application is submitted, reads one memo. written by the team in charge of fixing the website. the memo describes filling out paper applications as basically the paper applications allow people to feel like they are moving forward, it reads. at the end of the day,ç we are all stuck in the same queue. in othe
version of hurricane katrina. obama in a way is a natural disaster. it's an oil spill. it's human beings getting soaked. there's no way to get them clean. >> aw. >> destroy the bathroom. >> that's true. he destroyed a bathroom that he didn't have to clean. none of these experts are using obama care. so it's -- in effect, it's their public bathroom. >> somebody else will have to clean it up. >> exactly. >> bob, was it taken this weekend that the administration, the white house, did lie to the american? >> i spent every waking hour myself reading about this and absorbing everything i could on it. >> you should. >> i didn't spend a minute on it. no, listen, my assumption is, somebody certainly did, no question about that. i still get back to this point that ezekiel did not quite get it outright. if you had a policy and you demanded that you keep it with the insurance companies, you would have had it. insurance company changed it on you. >> that is what the white house has tried, kimberly, over the last several days, which is try to say, don't blame us, all we're trying to do is provide insu
, almost breeds the type of generally contrarian nature young people have by virtue of being young. >> right. the obama administration i studying whatever way it can use to reach these young people, because the problem is, if the only people who are signing up for obamacare are older, are less healthy, that is going to send premium rates going upward unless a corresponding number of younger and healthier people sign up who won't actually be buying that much health care. so the administration is studying ways to sign these people up. as far as medicaid is concerned, the states have found more creative ways to actually reach them. for example, oregon, there are 250,000 people who are on food stamps in oregon. the state of oregon has got in touch with every single one of them saying, you can sign up for expanded medicaid coverage under obamacare and they've got an whole lot of them to do that. that's one way they're reaching and get these medicaid patients who are easier to reach than the invincibles, youth, who have not signed up for obamacare yet. >> thank you. from a broken web sit
they want. >> let me just ask you about this. we've got a words, accountability, the first official obama care apology came today, someone being accountable. here it is. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should. i want to assure you that hea h will be fixed. >> that was marilyn tavenner. shouldn't someone else be saying sorry, someone like the president or kathleen sebelius? >> this is such a washington game, right? spicer talks about there's no accountability. nobody's taking responsibility. you saw the head of cms in that video take responsibility and apologize for is today. the president has acknowledged there are problems. secretary sebelius has acknowledged there are problems. the washington game of parsing who's saying what, when, it's irrelevant to what the situation is right now which is that there's a web site. it's helping thousands upon thousands of people get health care. it's got some problems that are getting fixed. it's going to be a long-term solution to the health care crisis in this country. >> it's not that's th
through united health care is no longer being offered in 2014 due to obama care. in fact i received a letter stating that the new health care law was indeed the reason for the removal of my current health care plan. madam secretary, what would you tell shawn, who liked his plan and now has lost it? and he was promised by you and the president he'd be able to keep that plan. what would you tell shawn now that he's lost his plan? >> i would tell shawn to shop in the marketplace and wouft marketplace -- >> do you think that's an acceptable answer to shawn? >> if shawn -- again, if united chose not to keep shawn's plan in effect for shawn -- >> because of the law. >> sir, the law said if you keep shawn's plan in place, if he loi liked his plan, then the plan is still there. >> you and i may disagree who you work for. i work for shawn. you work for shawn. shawn lost his plan that he liked and there are thousands and millions of shawns throughout this country that lost the plan they liked because some bureaucrat in washington said we think your plan is not good enough, even though you lik
. it's even supported senator ted cruz's anti-obama care tour this summer. and today senator cruz continued that crusade at the headquarters for the heritage foundation. >> it is a particular privilege being here at heritage, heritage plays such an important role in helping articulate and defend conservative principles across this country. and in no fight has that been more apparent than in the fight over obama care. >> but republicans were on the other side of that fight just a few years ago. they've completely flip-flopped. now the whole right wing is against it. why? because president obama is for it. but he's come too far to back down now. >> and if if was hard doing it just in one state, it's harder to do no all 50 states. especially when the governors of a bunch of states and half of the congress aren't trying to help. yeah. it's hard, but it's worth it. it is the right thing to do. and we're going to keep moving forward. what can happen here in massachusetts could happen all across the country. and for them and for you we are going to see this through. [ applause ] >> joini
out the absurdity of obama care. you know, we're talking about health care plans being canceled. i'm hearing from many of my constituents that they're canceled, that their plans are being canceled as a result of the affordable care act coming in a letter form and that they're going to have to get other coverage and oh, by the way, now their coverage is going to be 127% more or 400% more in costs. that is unacceptable. so the question i have is why are those premiums going up so much? and the answer is because they're forcing americans to buy parts of health care coverage that no one will ever need. why would a male age 32 and single need to have maternity coverage? why does a couple that are age 60 who have raised their children have to have coverage for pediatric? this is why the affordable care act is so expensive, and it's time that the american people understand that these are all pieces and parts of the affordable care act that they're being forced to purchase. >> now, you've said that people in your district are looking at their premiums rising by as much as 669%. why so much
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